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The Unique “Couple Beach” Yen Island of Vietnam looks and feels like heaven

Yen islands belong to Nha Trang Bay (Khanh Hoa – a central Province of Vietnam). It’s about 25km from the northeast which attracts a lot of tourist with its beauty like heaven.

Yen islands
The double natural beach in Yen Island in Vietnam

If tourist wants to visit Yen Islands, they need to arrive at Cau Da Port (Nha Trang) and buy a boat ticket. The island is managed by Khanh Hoa Salanganes Nest Company, so tourist can visit on day tour only. There are bamboo bridges for tourists to walk around the island.

Salangane Islands
A Journey to the Salangane Islands

For tourist from other countries, they must apply Vietnam Visa first, and then take the international flight to Vietnam. It is easy now with Vietnam evisa, foreigner need to complete a few step of processing and get their visa within 2 working days.

Yen island

The cost is reasonable with VND is around 350,000 (16 USD) per person which is included breakfast, Khanh Hoa Sanest soft drink, cake, lunch and light fruit. All tourists have to leave by nightfall.

Couple Beach

“Couple Beach” name comes from the Different Sea currents make the water cool on one side and warm on the other side.

This is a Must-Visit island, tourists are recommended for coming from the beginning of April to the end of August. The weather is welcomed you with dry and its fallen on the sanest harvest period. Come at this time, tourist can see how workers doing with sanest as well as they can experience how interesting of this activities. The harvest takes place twice a year, on March and August.

Yen island

It attracts many young tourist, photographer. The image above is group of tourists on Yen island. The crystal clear water provides a perfect photo backdrop.

Yen island

Besides, tourist can climb up Du Ha top where they are easy to get a best view of the island. This is a small mountain around 90 meters high. On the top of Du Ha, you can admire the overview if Island and see the Hon Ngoai island which is home to the largest number of salangane nests in Vietnam.


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